Samsung Series 7 Slate PC 700T thinks there’s still mileage in Windows tablets

The received wisdom that Windows tablets are DOA hasn’t been received at Samsung HQ

Samsung is no slouch when it comes to Android tablets; its Galaxy Tab series have been leading the pack since the off. Now the company is diversifying its tablet offerings with the Series 7 Slate PC 700T – an “enterprise tablet” that runs Windows. Ouch.

Despite our misgivings about Windows tablets, Samsung has gone to the effort of creating a finger-friendly portal in Microsoft’s aging desktop OS with an icon grid-based interface that apes the favoured layout of Android and Apple tablets.

And, in fairness, it’s bundling a dock, keyboard and stylus with the Series 7 Slate PC, so you could justifiably use it as your primary PC. How? Behind the 11.6in screen (which shines at 400 nits and can be viewed across 170 degrees) there’s a powerhouse Core i5 processor. The 12.9mm thin device is also home to a pair of cameras (2MP and 3MP) and a host of ports including micro HDMI, full-size USB and microSD.

Naturally, none of that comes cheap. The Series 7 Slate PC is expected to trade for £1000 when it launches in mid-October.


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