Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop gets its 3D on

Gaming gluttons can gorge themselves on all 17in of Sammy's new 3D beast

Gamers are greedy. That’s how they manage to eat so many noodles. It’s the reason the most successful game franchises have dozens of iterations. And it’s why Samsung is feeding them an all-you-can-eat specced laptop.

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer has a 17in, 3D Superbright screen to display rich graphics from the AMD Radeon HD card. You’ll need glasses (like the pair supplied in the box) to see 3D games and films, though your naked ears should be enough to enjoy the laptop’s lush cinematic sound.

Samsung’s also fitted its ExpressCache tech which pairs the HDD to a solid-state cache to turbo boost start-up and operation times. Plus there are four modes: Balance, Library, Green and Gaming. Library mode may not get your pulse racing, but the game mode automatically switches on a turbo cooling system, preparing it for a long night of quests. It also highlights your main gaming keys in red, backlit in blue.

The downsides? It weighs nearly 4 kilos and in game mode the battery will probably die quicker than a training-level zombie. Also, it costs £1500. Still want one? It’s out now.


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