Samsung Series 5 Chromebook unboxed

The first laptop to run Google’s Chrome OS just turned up. Let’s get it out of those wet things

This is a box. A box – we hope – containing the world’s first Chromebook. You can read our review of Chrome OS here. Apart from Google’s Cr-48 prototype. You couldn’t buy that. We still unboxed it.

There she is. We took the liberty of removing a full lid protective film before snapping this. Later, we’ll be adding some fingerprints to that shiny cover.

Despite rapid start-up being one of Chrome OS’s best assets, the Samsung Series 5’s initial boot takes a while. You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to get going and then you’ll have to sit through a system update. Boring, but it’s only this once.

While that’s going on, we can admire the chiclet keyboard…

… and these ports (USB and mini VGA). There’s a bundled adaptor for the latter, and a second USB slot – sans plastic cover – on the other side. There’s also an SD card reader.

And there you have it – the Samsung Series 5 fired up and in full instructional flow. Keep your peepers on for a full review soon.


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