Samsung S9110 watchphone with Outlook email support incoming

The debate is still running on whether watchphones make you look like Dick Tracy or just a dick but another one's just popped up. The Samsung S9110 wa

The Samsung S9110 boasts the calculator watch style looks that made us the target of school playground bullies, along with a touchscreen, speakerphone and MP3 functions.

It's smartest features though are the ability to grab your email from Outlook, Bluetooth 2.1 and voice recognition.  

The LG GD910 is due out from Orange in August with a wallet-shredding price tag of £1000 (SIM-free or PAYG).

The Samsung S9110 is due this month for lucky customers in France for the far less onerous price of €450 (£389).

Samsung hasn't announced a UK release date but we're on the case. When the watchphones arrive will you be rocking one or mocking them?