Samsung S2 coming to the UK

Samsung has confirmed it’s bringing its S2 ‘pebble’ MP3 player to the UK this summer. The dinky jukebox, which they hope will dent t

Packing in 1GB of storage, it also features an FM radio, as well as support for MP3 and WMA. None of that AAC DRM–free nonsense here then.

It’s due to come in five colours – green, purple, red, black or white. So you won’t be spoiled for choice when it comes to turning out your pockets down at Curry’s.

For now, Samsung’s keeping schtum on price. Until then, why not size up the competition, from the iTunes friendly Creative Zen Stone to Apple’s own Shuffle.


Samsung S2 ‘Pebble’

Price: £TBA

On sale: June

Contact: Samsung