Samsung reveals two new S-series cameras

The beauty of those dinky digi cameras that fit snugly in your pocket is they’re always ready. And each time we get a new one in the Stuff offic

South Korean gadget legend Samsung is climbing the ruts with two newbies in its S-series range. The S760 and S860 look practically identical – like twins who’s mum dresses them the same. Bless. Except, the S760 packs 7-megapixels, while the S860 packs 8-megapixels.

Otherwise, they’re exactly the same. Both sport Samsung’s intelligent face recognition tech, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

The new Samsung cams have a 3x optical zoon, a 2.4in LCD display, focal length of 6.3 to 18.9mm, 11 scene modes and a digital image stabliser for helping to keep your pics a bit less wobbly.

The specs don’t stop there, though. Both the S760 and S860 boast SD, MMC and SDHC card support – giving you enough space to shoot an army. Uh, shoot as in take their pics, obviously.

Both shoot AVI movie clips at 15 or 30fps, up to 640x480 pixels, and both have manual and automatic white balance. All that in a tiny 93x62x26.5mm.

We’re going to need a bigger ladder.


Samsung S760, S860

Price: £80, £tba

On sale: January 2008

Contact: Samsung