Samsung releases ChatOn IM service

Will Sammy’s new service hold its own against the might of BBM and iMessage?


Samsung has announced that its new ChatOn IM service is officially available for consumption via the Android Marketplace or Sammy’s own app store for all blowers rocking Android 2.2 or higher.

Similar to RIM’s BBM and Apple’s iMessage services, ChatOn enables individual or group chatting, photo and video sharing, and the the ability to create your own customised drawings.

Those of you fretting over who your BFFs are will also find the interaction rank feature rather handy as it ranks contacts according to how much you talk to them.

Equally useful is the service’s design – it will eventually play nice with multiple mobile phones (a BlackBerry app is in the works) and a web client means that you can natter away via your PC for some big screen txt spk action.


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