Samsung readying 12MP camera phone

Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG have spent most of this year handbagging each other over their respective 8 megapixel mobiles. But now Samsung is about

According to Unwired View, the clever bods in Korea have developed a new 12MP camera module, which is said to be even smaller than their current 8MP version. That means there's the potential for a slimline and powerful high–end camphone to really take on your proper compact camera.

More immediately, Sammy is working on an 8MP module with a 3x optical zoom. Now to us, that's more exciting that cranking the megapixel count up to a dozen. With a proper zoom and lens, we really can weigh up throwing our compact camera to the eBay lions.

Still, what's the betting this will spur the rivals into competition, leading gadget fans to spend most of 2009 explaining it's not just megapixels that count. That said, 12MP does sound cool!