Samsung readies PMP–packing PL10 compact camera

Convergence is no longer something we get all clammy about here at Stuff Towers – phones and games consoles packing multimedia credentials are a

But shovelling a camera full of extras is still something that raises gadgety eyebrows, especially Samsung's new PL10 compact snapper. As well as taking standard snaps thanks to its 9MP sensor, it packs a full PMP for listening to MP3s and watching vids.

Sammy reckons this'll be great for creating soundtracked slideshows on the move. But the camera itself sounds more than capable of standing on its own. You get a 2.7in LCD round the back, Face Recognition and Face Detection, ISO up to 3200 and Samsung's smart album tech for finding your pics.

It's coming in April, for a rather tasty £179. Grab it in red, pink, silver, black and purple.


Samsung PL10

Price: £179

On sale: April

Contact: Samsung Camera