Samsung prepping a plus-size 12in tablet well as a more traditional 10-incher, both packing almighty Snapdragon 800 internals. Well, that's what this rumour says
Samsung tablet

Samsung has two new tablets up its sleeves, according to a tweet by infamous phone and tablet news hound @Evleaks.

"Samsung SM-P900: 12.2-inch, Exynos 5 octa, 2560x1600, S-pen; P600: 10-inch, Snapdragon 800, also 2560x1600," the tweet from July 27th read.

A random tweet with a few interesting specs is hardly newsworthy, but @Evleaks (real name Evan Blass) has a stellar track record when it comes to scoring scoops – including grabbing one of the first images of the mighty HTC One smartphone.

Considering that and Samsung's penchant for picking a random screen size and framing a whole tablet around it, a 12.2-inch and a 10-inch higher resolution tablet isn't the most surprising move.

What we want to know is whether these will pack Android (4.3 perhaps?) like the Galaxy Tab series, or Windows 8 like the Ativ range

[@Evleaks via Engadget]