Samsung packs DVD-quality movies in its new digicam

So it looks like standalone digicams might give camphones a tougher fight than we thought. First Nikon and Kodak go Wi-Fi; now Samsung's added a DVD-quality movie mode to its new VP-MS10 cam. Next on our extinction list: camcorders...

After more than a decade of crap cameras, we think we may have discovered the first top class Samsung shooter.

It's the Miniket VP-MS10 and therein lies the clue to why it's so impressive. The Miniket bit of the name means it's made by whizzy designers from the main division of Samsung Electronics instead of the consistently ho-hum Samsung Optio company that usually makes Sammy's cams.

The most exciting feature is the first ever 720 x 576 - DVD-quality - movie mode, which uses DivX MP4 to squeeze 25fps footage on memory card. Samsung's not announced how much space it'll fill up.

Also worthy of mild salivation: 5.25MP stills, built-in MP3 player - when will they learn? We all have iPods! - a stereo voice recorder and webcam-moonlighting for your PC. It can charge via USB, too, which is a feature we'd love to have as standard on digicams. Yep, we have funny aspirations.

It's due over here in October for around £300.