Samsung outs 13in and 14in Ultrabooks

Korea gets these thinly sliced laptops for now but wait – one of them's a bit overweight

We're expecting to be trampled by a stampede of Ultrabooks in 2012 – don't worry, they're lightweight and we'll enjoy it – but Samsung just can't wait. Sammy's 13in and 14in Series 5 Ultrabooks have just been launched in Korea, with the skinnier model looking sure to pass Intel's tests with flying colours.

Both Series 5 models come packing Intel's Core i5 processor with up to 8GB of RAM and Fast Start tech meaning they should boot up in 2 seconds. The 14in ultrabook weighs in at 1.8kg, which is a little too chunky for Intel's liking, and at 20.9mm thick it also slightly misses the skinny test too. But it does sport a 1366x768 display, aluminium body and an optical disc drive – plus your tablet-toting friends will look on with envy at the keyboard and plenty of ports.

Samsung's 13 incher is just 14.9mm thick and 1.4kg light with a similar screen and the same USB, HDMI, Ethernet and VGA ports as its beefier sibling. But there's no disc drive and storage is 500GB HDD (with 16GB SSD) versus the 14in model's 1TB.

We should find out if we'll be getting Samsung's Series 5 ultrabooks over here when CES rolls around – for now, it looks certain that Sammy isn't sticking to Intel's US$1000 limit, so don't get your hopes up on price.

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