Samsung out X-Series laptops and new N-Series netbooks

Samsung has outed a whole host of laptop goodness at IFA today, with the debut of the skinny X-Series range, and some new additions to the N-Series ne

The X-Series is made up of X520, X420 and X120, with 15.6-, 14- and 11.6-inch LED screens respectively.

As the first thin and light range from Samsung, the trio come in at no thicker than a £1 coin and weigh in between 1.3kg to 2kg depending on the screen size. However a six-cell battery means you won't be let down on battery life, with Samsung reporting up to 9 hours of juice for when you're on the go.

All three also have a 16:9 HD aspect ratio so you can watch movies in high definition without letterboxing, and HDMI ports for hooking up your laptop to your HDTV for full screen movie or gaming action.

As for the new N-series additions, the N130, N140 and N510 all take on the standard netbook specs of 160GB hard drive, 1GB of memory and the Intel Atom processor, although the N510 is able to be upgraded to 2GB of RAM if you so wish.

The N130 and N140 are both at the "affordable" end of the range and pack matching 10.1-inch displays. In fact the only differences between to the two is their battery life, which is up to 7.5 hours and 11 hours respectively, and also the 3W stereo speakers in the N140, compared with a 1.5w mono speaker in the N130.

The N510 is for those looking for a bit more from their netbook, as it promises the 16:9 HD display seen in the X-Series notebooks. You will lose some battery life for this though, with just 7 hours on the go.

All six laptops will come with Bluetooth connectivity, three USB ports and a 3-in-1 memory card reader, and you'll be able to pick up the N-Series in a choice of colours including black, white, blue and pink.

You'll be able to get the N-Series and X120 this month, but if the X420 or X520 tickled your fancy, you'll have to wait 'til October for those.