Samsung NX200 hands on

It’s got some fresh style and a massive 20.3MP sensor. We go hands-on with Sammy’s new compact
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As promised, we’ve been down at Samsung’s IFA booth and got our paws on the company’s newly launched NX200 compact cam. We can’t give a proper appraisal of the NX200’s performance yet, but we’ve had a good fondle and first impressions speak highly of the NX100’s successor.

For a start, there’s the build, which has rearranged the controls and firmed up the design imprint of Samsung’s compact wares. It somehow feels more considered than the NX100 and there are bigger lumps for a photographer’s fingers to grip.

As we’ve come to expect from Samsung compact cameras, the NX200 has i-Function baked into the companies lenses, allowing picture control beyond the usual remit of lens twists. Samsung’s stock of lenses is also on the rise.

One of the things we liked best in our review of the NX100 was its vibrant AMOLED screen. That’s been replicated on the NX200, which is backed with three inches of AMOLED loveliness.

We’ll be tapping up Samsung for a review unit of the NX200 soon enough. Meanwhile, this brief glimpse will have to do. There are loads more hands on stories from IFA once you’re done here, though. Check them out here.

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