Samsung NX hybrid cameras unleashed

It's a big week in the world of cameras, with the great and the good unleashing their 2009 line–ups over at the PMA show in Las Vegas. Samsung i

The new models, which will be on the shelves later this year, come with DSLR style and build, but the size and skills of a compact snapper. Instead of the mirror box usually found in a DSLR, you get an electronic viewfinder instead, cutting the camera's size right down.

Sammy says the NX series will be 60 per cent smaller than your average full–on SLR. However, it claims the pics will still be of top notch quality, with the new sensor boasting a larger surface are for gathering light and producing killer snaps.

There's no word on when exactly we'll be able to try these NX models out for ourselves. For more on cameras, look at out bridge cams top 10 now.