Samsung Music Hub to compete with iTunes Match

After buying up mSpot Sammy has created a streaming music service with 100GB storage for you

Samsung is launching a new streaming music service, Music Hub, in a bid to take on iTunes Match. The new service will initially be launched on the Galaxy S3 – so if yours isn’t delayed you can give it a try now.

Music Hub will cost roughly £10 per month and offers unlimited access to millions of songs including those from your own collection. Much like a certain other service, it will either match what you’ve got and let you stream it in high quality from the Music Hub library – or if you've got an obscure collection of B-sides, it'll upload your tracks to your whopping 100GB of storage.

The service also learns your tastes so it can recommend tracks, albums and radio stations you might enjoy. Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, and other Samsung device owners (including Smart TVs, audio docks and even fridges) can expect the service soon too – we’ll let you know when it launches on more platforms.

(via Pocket Lint)

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