Samsung Movie Store unveiled

Just a few months back, you were no one til you had a music store. These days though, it's all about films. Which is why Samsung has just launched its

Punters with a Samsung MP3 player, mobile, PC or laptop will be able to nab movies to rent or buy just by heading to There are currently 500 flicks including The Dark Knight and, um RocknRolla, as well as TV shows including Friends and E.R.

Sammy says it's struck deals with Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal and Momentum Pictures. There are plans to get up to 1,000 movies online by the end of June.

Prices kick off at £2.49 for 24 hour rental and £4.99 to own. Nice one Samsung, this is just what we want to see. Now, let's see who else can take on iTunes downloads.


Samsung Movie Store

Price: £2.49 to rent a movie

On sale: Now

Contact: Samsung Movies