Samsung lining up "larger screen" OLED TV for CES

OLED TVs were the number one must–see gadget at CES way back in January. And now Samsung has said they're lining up a massive OLED for next year

Talking to our pals over at What Hi–Fi, a Samsung exec said, "We may demonstrate a 50in OLED TV at the CES show in January, though we haven't decided yet." Either way, it would make the 27in number shown off at last year's event look positively dwarf–like.

However, he did go on to say that the likelihood of a sizeable OLED TV ever being affordable and widely available was basically a pipe dream. They cost a fortune to build, meaning they cost a mint for even the most hardened gadget obsessives.

"OLED has a long way to go, technology-wise and cost-wise," he said. "It's coming, but we just don't know when it will be a viable consumer product."

So there you have it, no OLED TVs for everyone just yet. But you can rest assured we'll be stalking the halls in Vegas to get a proper close–up look of this 50in version come January.