Samsung gets official with I7500 Android phone

Having sent the rumour mill into overdrive over the past few months, Samsung has finally got official with its first Android-powered phone, the I7500.

According to the folk at Cellular News, the I7500 will boast a 3.2-inch AMOLED full touch screen, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and Wi-fi connectivity.

You'll be able to take your snaps with the integrated 5 megapixel camera and save them to the 8GB on-board storage, you can up this to a massive 40GB via microSD card.

Furthermore, the I7500 will give its users access to all Google has to offer, with the GPS receiver allowing you to use handy features like Google Maps, Street View and local search.

The Samsung I7500 is set to hit Europe in June, which certainly sounds familiar, with pricing yet to be announced.

It certainly doesn't seem this handset is the S8000 we heard about last week, so we may well have more to hear from Samsung in the near future.

Let us know what you think to the specs of Samsung's new addition and whether you'll be choosing this for your phone come June.