Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 hands-on

Slimmer, lighter, faster. It’s like Samsung’s version of the iPad 2, but might actually be better

Finding a human girlfriend who has all the right proportions and is great on the inside too isn’t easy, luckily when it comes to tablets that ideal combination is being mass-produced by Samsung with its Galaxy Tab 7.7. The beautiful silver unibody on this 7.7in tablet is the lightweight home to (a rather warm) 1.4Ghz dual core that pumps out a beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display. Even in the harsh conference hall glare the screen is still sharp and colourful with minimal reflection.

Despite being just 7.89mm thin and almost half the weight of an iPad 2 at only 335g, Sammy has managed to house a MicroSD expansion slot, 3MP and 2MP snappers and 4G LTE speeds for those that can get them. All that and its smooth-yet-grippy body sits comfortably in your hands with no sign of ever getting uncomfortable.

The Android Honeycomb 3.2 innards run smoothly and swiftly even when multi-tasking with several videos. Claims that the Wi-Fi is double the speed of previous models are certainly validated as any video we loaded was instant, even on a widely shared connection.

The hub content has been improved with an added gaming area and more videos than you’ll know what to do with. And because (like the Galaxy Note) it has all the functions of a phone you can even take calls (if you're an exhibitionist with no shame and big hands) on the tablet.

Thanks to the brilliant resolution you can view huge web page length without even having to scroll.

The Pulse app – that acts like beautiful RSS feed – comes built-in and is improved thanks to screen quality and great Wi-Fi speeds. It's early yet but this could be the best carrier of the Android army so far and stands a very real chance of storming the gates of Apple.


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