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Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera – is this the first genuine photo?

Rumour has it that this terribly dull image of a desk and the floor may be the first taken with the S4’s 10MP camera

The incredibly dull image above may well be the first picture snapped with the Samsung Galaxy S4‘s 10MP camera.

The photo, which appears to depict an office floor and a bit of a filing cabinet, has been posted on Picasa with EXIF data claiming it was taken with a “Samsung SGH-N045” – which many believe is the model number of the upcoming Galaxy S4.

Of course, this is hardly watertight evidence, but the image resolution is 4128 x 2322, which works out at around 9.6MP. That’s a big step up from the 8MP camera on the Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is looking likely for a March 2013 launch, so we’ll know then if this is the genuine article – but we may well have stopped caring because we’re more interested in getting our mitts on the phone itself and taking some slightly more exciting shots of our dinner to post on Instagram.

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