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Samsung Galaxy S4 – go metal or go home

Resident Stuffer Esat Dedezade has had enough of plastic. He wants a phone that can stop bullets. What do you think?

The slippery polycarbonate build of the S3 feels like a Kinder egg shell in comparison to the iPhone 5‘s aluminium build – and the recently released Sony Xperia Z and upcoming HTC One have demonstrated that high-end Android phones can do away with the plastic, too.

The Xperia Z is slathered front and back with tough Dragontail glass and feels extremely solid in the hands with nary a creak, squeak, or flex to be found.

And as for the HTC One? Well I couldn’t stop caressing it during our hands on review – and I fell in love with its solid-piece anodised aluminium chassis and inlaid polycarbonate accents. It offers a reassuring weight and premium feel that you can’t help but fall in love with.

In comparison, a plastic Samsung Galaxy S4, no matter what formidable specs lie within, would simply fail to impress against competition of that calibre. Even Huawei, the budget phone king, is planning to release a premium metal smartphone this summer. Can you imagine a world in which Huawei has a device that’s classier than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4?

The long sought-after removable battery and microSD slot might be axed in an all-metal Galaxy S4 – and while that could be a dealbreaker for some, a decent sized battery, Xperia Z-like power saving smarts and plenty of internal storage should soothe the transition to an all-metal build.

With a rumoured 4.99in full HD screen, 2GB of RAM and an eight-core Exynos 5 processor to run the show, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has all the perfect ingredients to make it a worthy champion. Let’s just hope that Samsung throws some premium metal into the mix instead of reaching for the well-worn pot of plastic.

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