Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmark shows eight-core processor and 13MP camera

Sammy's upcoming superphone appears to be packing some high-end specs, with speedy performance to boot. Anyone else surprised?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hype continues. Shortly after its teaser video this morning comes the results of a benchmark reportedly run on a Galaxy S4 handset.

The Antutu benchmark lists the Galaxy S4 as having the long-rumoured Exynos 5 Octa processor with four main 1.8Ghz cores and four low power ones. The Galaxy S4 also appears to support all major networks with the latest Exynos processor, making it a true world phone while its predecessor the S3 was running Qualcomm and Exynos innards in different regions.

Still, there have been rumours of niggling problems with the Exynos 5 prior to the S4's launch, so there could still be a few Qualcomm handsets in the pipeline. But we digress. There's also mention of a 13MP camera which matches up nicely with our predictions.

2GB of RAM and the long-rumoured 4.99in full HD display also make an appearance in the benchmark notes, making the S4 a powerful beast, on paper at least.

Here's hoping all that delicious hardware is wrapped up in something other than plastic. It'll have to be, if Samsung want to roll with the drool-inducing builds of the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. Roll on March 14th...

[SamMobile via Gizmodo]

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