Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Sammy's latest pocket powerhouse could have leaked online ahead of its launch. But is it the real deal?
Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S4's specs are pretty much set ahead of its launch this Thursday March 14th. But like the PlayStation 4, we still don't know what it will look like. Or do we?

Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked image

Pictures reportedly showing off the Samsung Galaxy S4 have surfaced online in Chinese forum 52Samsung. The images are said to show off a dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 (model number GT-19502), and it looks... just like a Galaxy S3.

Try not to be too disappointed though. Samsung was notoriously secretive with the Galaxy S3 launch and had several pre-release units with dummy cases to hide the final design – so even if this is a Galaxy S4, it may not be the real deal.

No matter what it looks like, the Galaxy S4, with its rumoured full HD screen, eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP camera and eye-tracking, will still sell like hot cakes. Though we're still hoping for a premium metal finish nonetheless. Join us on March 14th for all the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch action.

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