Samsung Galaxy S3 shatters Android pre-order record

Vodafone reckons Samsung’s new handset could put its predecessor’s stellar sales record to shame, based on early figures

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 – freshly reviewed here – is set to outsell even its wildly popular precursor, the Galaxy S II. That’s if it can continue to sell as fast as pre-orders suggest it will.

According to Vodafone (speaking to The Inquirer), the Galaxy S3 has smashed previous pre-order records for Android handsets, while Carphone Warehouse says it’s the biggest-selling pre-order of 2012.

Coupled with figures suggesting the S3 had already been pre-ordered nine million times by last week, these are strong signals to suggest Samsung’s new superphone could outstrip even the phenomenal sales of the ubiquitous S II. Will you be in the queue on May 29th?

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