Samsung Galaxy S3 name shows up in Mobile Unpacked 2012 app

As Samsung revs up its hype machine, the name of its next Galaxy phone looks like it's been confirmed

We've been peddling Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours since about – well, the Galaxy S II launch. Days away from the Galaxy-themed Mobile Unpacked 2012 event that Samsung is holding in London on May 3rd and whoever's in charge of writing Sammy's app descriptions for Google Play might have gone and let the name out of the bag.

The above Google Play listing – spotted by Android Police – is still live and lets you download Samsung's free Mobile Unpacked 2012 app to your about-to-look-shabby Android phone so you can watch the announcement live.

But look closely at that first line and you'll see the magic combination of letters – 'galaxy s3' – which is repeated again further down the description. Now, unless Samsung is just being clever and making sure anyone searching Google Play gets the right app then this means the successor to the Galaxy S II will be making an appearance on May 3rd.

Less interested in the name and want to see some mock-ups and what specs we reckon the S3 will come rocking? Get a load of our frighteningly comprehensive Galaxy S3 rumour round-up.

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