Samsung Galaxy S3 has shifted over 10 million handsets

Before it launched the S3, Samsung suggested it would be a phone for those who didn’t want to follow the crowd. Look who’s talking

Remember the days leading up to Samsung’s 2012 Unpacked event? The fevered (and occasionally accurate) rumours of the Galaxy S3, gently fed by Samsung’s oblique marketing? And then there was that video, the one that offered you the opportunity to “stand out from everyone else,” ramming home its point with a pen full of sheep (above).

Well, as it turns out, what Samsung meant to say was “stand out from everyone else bar the other 10 million people who’ve got the same phone as you.” Galaxy S3 sales have just blown into the eight-figure mark, according to Yohap, a Korean news agency.

Less than a month ago we pitched that the figure would be breached during July, so it’s not a big surprise. But if you’re thinking of buying a Galaxy S3, do it because of our glowing review (and video review), not because you’re trying to be different.

[Yohap via The Verge]

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