Samsung Galaxy S3 final pre-launch predictions

We’ve heard some pretty outlandish rumours about Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Here we sort the spec sheep from the geek goats
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Samsung Galaxy S3 – last call

You can find a list of all our Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours here, but as the official unveiling draws closer, we’ve taken a closer look at which are Android fanboy pipedreams and which sound like plausible upgrades to Samsung’s world-beating Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – name

Our – admittedly scant – evidence points to the name we’re using here, Galaxy S3. Not Galaxy SIII, not Galaxy S III and not Galaxy S Bilbo Baggins. Why? Despite the classier stylings of the roman numerals, it’s prone to confusion for those of us who didn’t grow up writing on wax tablets, it can be tricky to spot the difference between II and III at a glance and in a few years’ time we’ll be talking about Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S XIV. Time to make the switch.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – screen size and resolution

We’ve heard a few screen size rumours knocking about lately, mostly pushing the top end of 4.5in. Samsung won’t want to compete with its Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3in), but the company will want to hammer home how outdated Apple’s iPhone 4S screen is starting to look at a piddling 3.5in. We’re calling 4.7in as a best guess, though 4.8in isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility. High resolution (over 300dpi) and Super AMOLED Plus display tech are a near certainty. The Galaxy S3 is going to burn brightly.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – processor and OS

No prizes for this one – though we’re by no means putting surprises beyond Samsung’s reach. The Galaxy S3 must run Ice Cream Sandwich and it should be blazing fast about it, too, with a quad-core processor (probably a 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos). We’re going to peg the S3 with a 32GB belly and hope Sammy sees fit to out a 64GB version, too. No reason to suspect that the usual microSD slot won’t be on hand to offer a 32GB leg-up for storage hounds.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – cameras

The cameraphone megapixel race has been won fair and square by Nokia with its 41MP 808 PureView, but that won’t deter Samsung from upping its game. What might is that image quality is becoming more important to consumers than big resolution numbers, particularly when we’re all putting our pics on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/etc. Full HD (1080p) video is a cert, but we think rumours of a 12MP cam will be out of reach. If Samsung does boost the sensor, we’d think 10MP is the limit.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – the rest

We’re not going to speculate on the build, though thin and shiny are both getting thin odds at Stuff’s bookmakers. We’d expect a bigger battery to deal with the bigger screen and that may add a few grams (and possibly a nudge of waistline). Even so, we’ll wager the S3 will be among the slenderest of smartphones. Then there are services like S Cloud. Honestly, we can’t see how Samsung can resist. After all, the company has its own app store.

Excited to find out more? Join our Samsung Galaxy S3 liveblog for all the details as they’re announced.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour round-up

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