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Samsung Galaxy S III screen specs leak

While the phone still hasn’t arrived, its pretty screen is promising to be worth the wait

The Samsung Galaxy S III may still be in hiding but it’s not out of shyness if its stunning screen, leaked by DDaily, is as good as it sounds.

Much like the Galaxy Nexus, the screen will stand 4.65in tall and cram in 1280×720 pixels. But unlike the Nexus this screen won’t be a PenTile display. That’s a good thing – although Samsung’s PenTile technology creates brighter screens with fewer sub-pixels, it does so at the cost of quality. So the Galaxy S III should have a better battery life and clearer 720p display.

When we can look forward to seeing the goods, along with a rumoured 16MP snapper and quad-core processor, is another matter. With the first birthday of the Galaxy S II fast approaching (May 1st), we’re expecting its progeny, the Galaxy S III, to turn up soon. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S III rumour round-up for more details.

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