Samsung Galaxy S III to get Exynos quad-core

The Galaxy S II rocked Apple’s world – and Samsung isn't planning to let up any time soon

The Samsung Galaxy S III has already been glimpsed in a leaked photo that might not be real – but the latest rumour is far more solid. Samsung has created its own quad-core processor called the Exynos 4412 – according to data on the Linux Kernel git archive – that we can expect to live in the Galaxy S III.

The next generation quad-core handset from Samsung will likely be announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2012, alongside the likes of the HTC Edge.

The Galaxy S III will sport two dual-core ARM A9 processors running at 1.5GHz – but whether that has the fifth core for power-saving like the Nvidia Tegra 3, we don’t yet know. So despite Samsung's Galaxy Nexus getting a glowing five star review, we’re tempted to hold those purse strings tight just a little longer.

[Source: Linux Kernel git archive]

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