Samsung Galaxy S II Plus with 1.5Ghz dual-core processor leaked

It might not be the fabled Galaxy S III, but this latest morsel from the Sammy rumour mill still looks mighty tasty to us

A leaked benchmark test over at An3DBenchXL has flagged up a 'Galaxy S 2+', with a beefy 1.5Ghz Exynos dual-core processor, offering an increase in fire power over the Galaxy S II's 1.2Ghz offering.

The rest of the spec sheet appears to be identical, and although there's no Ice Cream Sandwich to be found amongst the specs, a leaked photo courtesy of phone blogger Eldar Murtazin shows the Galaxy S II Plus with an Ice Cream Sandwich homescreen. The plot thickens.

We're taking this all with an optimistic spoonful of salt, but we'll let you know if we spot the Galaxy S II Plus at MWC later this month – where we sadly won't be seeing the Galaxy S III...

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