Samsung Galaxy Note S to be unveiled at MWC?

Looks like it's round two for Samsung's tablet-cum-smartphone mash-up and a possible MWC unveiling

If you're the proud owner of Samsung's smartphone hybrid, the Galaxy Note, you might want to look away now. It's about to be superseded by a much faster, sexier and better specced successor dubbed the Galaxy Note S.

According to Dutch tech site Mobile Cowboy, Samsung's Galaxy Note S is expected to get an official unveiling at MWC in Barcelona later this month.

The Galaxy Note S is expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2012 and while spec info is thin on the ground, it is thought that underneath its giant overcoat its specs will be more in line with the fabled Galaxy S III. This means it's likely to get a slight boost in screen real estate, pack a quad-core engine and bolster its camera capabilities to 12MP – or to whatever ends up inside the Galaxy S III.  It is also thought it will be Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured.

Having only been released towards the end of last year, it goes without saying there's still plenty of mileage in the current Note. So with that in mind, is it too soon to launch the next-gen Galaxy Note?

Just how much truth is in this Note-shaped speculation will soon become apparent at the end of the month at MWC. Till then, find out what else might be hogging the MWC limelight by reading our 10 of the best MWC smartphone rumours.

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