Samsung Galaxy Note goes pink

Colour us scared… Samsung thinks what you really need next is a pink smartphone with a stylus. Babycham, anyone?
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Around about February 14th each year, the Stuff office is awash with pink gadgetry. We don’t ask for it – it just arrives. And it looks like the prettiest arrow in Cupid’s 2013 quiver might just be this: a pink Samsung Galaxy Note.

Spotted at German trade show CeBIT, the pink Note will be handy for girls looking to match that shade of lip gloss with the 5.3in smartphone they can’t quite fit in their clutch bags. Or so we think – because we’re not sure who else would find its shocking pink colour scheme so appealing they’d be willing to shell out the required £600.

Don’t get us wrong – we love the phone enough (the Samsung Galaxy Note picked up four stars in our review). We’re just not sure pink is the new black. Or white. Or aluminium. Perhaps we’ll change our minds in a moment of lovestruck insanity next Valentine’s Day. Probably not, though.

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