Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 global release date is nigh (UPDATE: August 15th?)

The tablet that’s hoping to convert us all back to styli will hit shelves worldwide in August. Unless Apple’s lawyers have other plans

All this talk of the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 2 almost made us forget we were still awaiting another Note tablet – the Galaxy Note 10.1 we spotted at MWC back in February.

Now Samsung’s been in touch to let us know that the 10.1in tablet, geared with a 1.4GHz processor and 2GB RAM, and optimised for use with a stylus, will go on sale in August.

That’s means Adobe’s Photoshop Touch could be at your styli tips before the month is out, letting you show novice Instagrammers how to properly edit pictures you’ve snapped on its 5MP cam.

You can check out the Galaxy Note 10.1 announcement story here, and keep an eye on for news of an actual release date, and a full review, soon.

UPDATE We've just had through an invite to an "exclusive VIP launch party" from Samsung. The date? August 15th, written on the invite as 15.08.12. Wonder what that could mean...

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