Samsung Galaxy M Style announced

This lower-specced Galaxy handset offers up 4 inches of Super AMOLED for less

Samsung's Galaxy M Style has just turned up in Korea as the budget bro of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note but what kind of beast are we looking at here – Manic? Mini? Minging?

Oh, the M apparently stands for Magical – as in, there must be some sort of wizardry going on for Samsung to be selling a smartphone with a 4in Super AMOLED screen for US$500 (£320).

Turns out the Galaxy M Style has made a few compromises along the way – like the 3MP camera and single-core 1GHz processor. Still, if you're after something 'stylish' with a metallic body coming in at just under 10mm thick, along with a pretty screen, the Galaxy M Style can be yours in shades of Platinum Silver, Blue Black and Lavender Pink.

No we can't explain these colours – luckily the specs make more sense.

The Galaxy M Style looks set to be a decent Gingerbread blower – and with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich already promised for the entire Galaxy range, it'll be due an upgrade shortly.

We'll let you know if/when Samsung decides to let this one loose on the UK.

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