Samsung flexible OLED appears on watch and rollout tablet

The near indestructible screens feature in this video that shows our near future of transparent screens

Future gazing videos usually involve transparent screens and, where Samsung is concerned, there’s no shortage thanks to its flexible AMOLED – the only difference is these are real, sort of.

We’ve already seen Samsung’s flexible AMOLED screens at a few trade shows where, even in reality, they look stunning. Now Sammy has unveiled a video with ideas for how the bendy screens will be used in wrap around smartwatches and tablets that roll out from pens.

Since the screen is made from plastic it's totally flexible and near indestructible. So it looks like we could start seeing them everywhere from car windows to fridges. When, is a totally different question, with promises of them appearing this year amounting to nought. But with talk of Samsung rebranding itself with a new logo, for CES 2013, here’s hoping that comes with a new set of screens too.

[via IntoMobile]

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