Samsung confirms Omnia 2 plus three more Omnia handsets

Less than a week after getting its specs leaked online by a Lithuanian retailer, Samsung has confirmed the Omnia II is indeed on its way, as well as t

Outed at the CommunicAsia event, official specs are minimal, but it seems we've got a second Omnia, an OmniaLite, and two Omnia Pro models to look forward to.

With specs looking very similar to those leaked, the Omnia 2c(also known as the I8000) will have the biggest AMOLED display seen in any phone at 3.7-inches, and feature the updated TouchWiz 2.0 UI, 480p video recording, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and Wi-fi and expandable memory up to 48GB.

It's not known when we'll see these handsets, and if they'll all make it over to this side of the pond – but you can be sure we'll keep you updated with everything we hear, and will be reporting all the details from Samsung's Unpacked event this evening.

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