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Samsung confirms it’s working on a smart watch

Could Samsung pip the long-rumoured Apple iWatch to the post? Watch this space...

Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Mobile tells Bloomberg that the company is “…preparing products for the future, and [a] watch is definitely one of them”.

So there you have it folks. Samsung tech-heads are tinkering away in their secret lab, injecting a cocktail of tech into a wristwatch in preparation for a fight with the long-fabled but yet-to-be confirmed Apple iWatch.

There are no other details on the Samsung smart watch. Nothing on its looks, specs or features, or when it will be available. But rumours have been circulating for some time of a Samsung Galaxy Altius smart watch in the past (rendered above), with leaked screenshots purporting to show off its AltiusOS operating system.

Could 2013 be the year that the smart watch becomes essential wristwear? The arrival of the Pebble certainly suggests so.

While you’re watching this space, check out our road to the Apple iWatch feature for a rundown of smart watches through the ages.

[Bloomberg via TechCrunch]

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