Samsung Armani TV struts its stuff

Samsung promised us at CES we’d be seeing more trendy shizzle courtesy of their tie–in with Armani.And now we’re seeing the fruits o

And now we’re seeing the fruits of their fashionable labour, with the release of two hi–def TVs. The hefty LCD panels come in 46 and 52in versions with 1080p and 100Mhz processing.

You get two remotes too. One for full–on tooling about and another for basic functions. Sounds like a recipe for some sofa–based search missions if we ever heard one.

Sammy’s saying nothing on price, but we can only assume they’ll be mad expensive, just like the distinctly average Armani phone.

Still, if you’re a bit of a poser and don’t fancy going down the well–travelled Pioneer or Sony route, you can’t go wrong with either of these bad boys.


Samsung Armani YV

Price: £TBA

On sale: Summer

Contact: Samsung