Samsung announces the Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y

Can the Korean tech giant’s flagship Bada 2.0 device tempt you away from Android?

After a week of leaks and numerous lectures on nomenclature, Sammy has officially announced the 1.4GHz processor-powered Wave 3. Boasting a 4in Super AMOLED display as well as a sexy brushed-metal case and 5MP camera, the new flagship Bada 2.0 handset is sure to make its M and Y comrades rather jealous.

Both lesser handsets are kept chugging along by an 832MHz processor, while the M’s 3.65in display and 5MP camera trump the Y’s 3.2in and 2MP counterparts, although all three devices will play nice with Samsung's new ChatOn service. Release dates and pricing for the whole gang should be unveiled at this year’s IFA, so stay tuned for more info.


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