Samsung Android phones set for summer 2009

It seems Google Android is most definitely set to take over the world in 2009. With Sony Ericsson confirming their plans for a high–end handset

The Koreans will be bringing souped–up version of the touchscreen Omnia out by June 2009, putting it right up against the power of the T–Mobile G1 and whatever Sony Ericsson has shovelled with Android goodies.

At the moment, details remain somewhat thin on the ground, but from the looks of it, Mobile World Congress in February will be chock full of Android phones just waiting to change the way we use our mobiles.

We'll be keeping our ears to the ground for more news as we get it. But while you wait, make sure you get up to speed with Google's OS in our handy guide and check out our hands–on video of the T–Mobile G1.