Samsung 55in Super OLED TV unveiled at CES

The future of gesture controlled, facial and voice recognition TV has arrived for 2012

The world’s first 55in Super OLED TV has been unveiled by Samsung at this year’s CES, and it is beautiful. But the super thin design and barely visible bezel, aren’t all it’s good for – this TV can recognise you.

As part of Samsung’s new world of Smart TVs, this television has a built-in camera with facial recognition that recognises you and signs you into your own Smart Hub account. Then you can control what you want to do – be it change channel or browse the web – simply by using your voice (|ike Siri) or gestures (like Kinect) called Smart Interaction. And you can do it all with the power of a dual-core processor that lets you multi-task, jumping between shows and apps instantly. There’s plenty of new 3D content on its way for you to consume on this beauty too.

Expect to get your hands on this stunning and scarily powerful device in the second half of 2012, but don’t expect it to be cheap.

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