Samsung 16MP smartphone camera spotted, could wind up in Galaxy S3

Is Samsung working on a range of 16MP superphones?

It looks like Samsung may be on the cusp of delivering a new breed of camera-centric smartphones equipped with hefty 16MP sensors. Samsung recently unveiled a new mobile-shaped 16MP CMOS sensor, tipped to put in its debut appearance on its next-gen smartphone range – possibly the third iteration of the Galaxy S smartphone and the upcoming Google Nexus Prime.

The super-sized smartphone sensor is back lit to produce better quality shots in low light and looks set to make us less dependant on our compact cams and transform smartphones into more reliable camera equipment.

As it stands, the Nokia N8 packs in the highest smartphone sensor at 12MP – it's just a shame it brings nothing else to the table by way of awesome features. Perhaps Samsung's offerings will do a better job of narrowing that gap between smartphones and compact cams.


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