Sainsbury's to sell Modern Warfare 2 for £26 from midnight

Sainsbury's has announced it will be selling the long-awaited Modern Warfare 2 game for £26 when it goes on sale tomorrow, a whopping £29

Following in the footsteps of rival supermarket Tesco, which put EA's Fifa 10 on the shelves for a pocket-friendly £24.97, Sainsbury's has managed to undercut pretty much everyone out there, even the dedicated games retailers.

You'll be able to pick the game up from midnight tonight, but get yourself down there quick or we'd suspect you might be stuck paying the £45 it's selling for in most online stores.

As for why we've only been told today - Sainsbury's staff only got wind of the deets today when the prices hit the papers this morning, so they were just as in the dark as us.

How much did you pay for your copy? Fill us in on any cheap deals we haven't heard about below.

Via: MCV