Run To The Beat with Sony Ericsson

Do you exercise to music? I don't very often, but Sony Ericsson is determined to persuade me that I should. That's why it's sponsoring the Run To The

Now 'scientifically selected' music might not sound like something you would actually enjoy listening to, but not to worry - it could well be music that you already know and love. This music has certain characteristics that lend it to use during exercise such as a higher rate of beats per minute (BPM) and particular melodies that will supposedly get us all fired up and, er, runny.Other, more personal, factors are involved too, such as the imagery in your mind that is conjured up when listening to the music, or whether you have positive associations with the music. One of my first choices is 'Gonna fly now' by Bill Conti as it was featured in Rocky and it evokes images of myself in a classic 80s training montage. Similarly, 'Chariots of Fire' from the film of the same name, or perhaps 'You're the Best' from Karate Kid.

Music from films in other decades is also allowed, but not in my training sessions, pal.If you fancy running to the beat, check out