Rumour Mill – Xbox 360 app explosion coming

Veteran Microsoft console getting full array of apps in the near future

The Xbox isn't devoid of apps – but at the moment only the mainstream of social networking (the usual suspects) and the odd entertainment add-on are available. There's no app market, nor freedom for casual devs to get involved in creating software.

Now Microsoft is hunting for developers to work on Silverlight, its application environment, for Xbox 360. Silverlight is already used as a developer platform for web apps, Windows apps and Windows Phone apps. So it would be the obvious platform for Xbox development. It might also cause a surge of interest in developing for nascent Windows Phone 7, which is currently struggling for a good base layer of apps.

We've already looked at the evolution of Microsoft's five-year-old console in some depth and seen how it's managed to adapt to a changing tech landscape. Could apps be the next chapter? We think so.


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