Rumour Mill – Twitter for sale

Google or Facebook tipped to buy microblog service for US$10bn

Popular microblogging service for sale. Good condition, recent paint job, good runner with occasional downtime. Handy for speedy life updates, banal observations, spreading cultural memes and overthrowing despotic leaders. One careful owner. 200 million casual users. US$10bn or near offer.

That’s the rumour, according to the Wall Street Journal, which has paired Twitter’s US$8-10bn valuation with some loose detail about early-doors acquisition talks with Google and Facebook. They’ve nosed the story as if to say Twitter’s for sale and Google and Facebook are engaging in a furious bidding war. But the reality’s much more prosaic. More’s the pity. Still, it’s easy to make believe this is a bigger deal than it really is. Don’t believe us? Have a look on Twitter.