Rumour Mill – next-gen Xbox to debut at E3 2012

Microsoft's next next-gen console, possibly called Xbox 720, to possibly launch at next year's E3 show. Possibly

The booth babes have only just tottered back to their dressing rooms after E3 2011, but already the online chatter about next year's video game fest is getting loud. Developer Crytek apparently let slip the news that it's working on a title for the next generation of the Xbox, and that the console will be revealed at the 2012 conference.

The game in question is Timesplitters 4, which will apparently use CryEngine 3 (recently seen in Crysis 2) but boast a whole lot of lovely graphical eye candy that only a next-gen machine – ie. the Xbox 720 or whatever it'll be called – can produce. Suddenly our Xbox 360 is starting to look like it's outstayed its welcome.