Rumour Mill – Microsoft is making FaceTime for Windows Phone

Video calling on a WP7 phone? There's an app for that. Apparently

Perhaps you’re one of the millions of people who want to ditch your iPhone for a Windows Phone handset, but can’t live without FaceTime, Apple’s video calling app.

We jest, of course – but there is evidence that video calling is being taken slightly more seriously these days, and the rumour (via Neowin) that Microsoft is building its own FaceTime-like platform to run on Windows Phone makes sense.

Other than rational reasoning, the site claims to have got the inside track from an anonymous MS employee during a CES sideshow. Unconfirmed by the source was whether the feature would be ready for Windows Phone 7 or whether it would be part of the Windows Phone 8 build. Neowin also speculated that a front-facing camera may be part of the spec requirement for WP8 handsets.

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