Rumour Mill – Mac app store delayed until January 2011

The gossip grapevine suggests Apple's Mac App store now won't be arriving until the new year. Unleash the rioting students...

You may recall rumblings that Apple is planning to launch its Mac App store this Monday 13th December. Well, it appears that mischievous rumour mill got a little over-excited – mysterious 'insiders' are now suggesting we won't get it till January 2011.

Sources from both The Loop and 9to5Mac suggest it's best to slide your MacBook back into its neoprene sleeve and prepare it for a disappointing Christmas.

Not only will iOS-style apps not be available for download until the New Year, the expected Game Center support for wireless multi-player gaming will apparently be missing at launch. The same sources suggest we'll also have to do without in-app purchases too. 

To which we say, why not just announce an worldwide mince pies ban while you're at it, Apple? Still, at least we know what to ask for Christmas now – iTunes vouchers, and lots of them.

via Engadget